Monday, 30 July 2012

How to watch the Olympics

Britain is gripped by Olympics fever at the moment and rightly so. It's great to watch the best athletes in the world competing against each other and to learn about a few of the more obscure sports in the world!

But as Christians, should we be getting more from the Olympics?
According to John Piper in a great blog on the Desiring God website based on 1 Corinthians 9:25,  as we watch the Olympics we should be 'seeing through them, and beyond them, to the ultimate realities to which they point in God’s created world, spring-loaded at every turn to teach us about redemption.'
'Why would the Christian Scriptures mention the games? To help us upgrade our two weeks of Olympic watching by opening our eyes to what they have to say about God, the gospel, and the Christian life.
'Every time you turn the television set on, I want you to hear God talking to you through the games... the games... are meant to be seen and heard by Christians as a tremendous impulse to fight the fight of faith and run the race of life with nothing less than Olympic passion and perseverance.'

Click HERE to read the whole blog.

It's well worth it and it might change the way you watch the Olympics.

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