Thursday, 31 March 2011

To Blog or not to Blog? Part 2

I’ve been resisting it for years, but as you can see I’ve finally given in.


5 reasons why ‘It’s good to blog’:

Like it or not, the communication revolution is here to stay. Many people read and subscibe to blogs. So, why a Pastor’s blog?

Here are the 5 reasons that have tipped me 'over the edge' into blogspace:

1. It is an efficient and contemporary way to communicate God's truth

A blog is more bite-sized than a sermon or Christian book, it allows for re-reading and reflection, and unlike a Sunday message, it can be ‘delivered’ any day of the week. It can be posted quickly by the author and read by the subscriber whenever it’s convenient. It’s not constrained by time or the Sunday roast, it can be concise and to the point or longer and more detailed. It can be posted as the need or inclination arises. Bottom-line: a blog is a very flexible and contemporary way of communicating God’s truth.

2.  It is a good way to follow up Sunday ministry

What I preach on a Sunday is usually only a fraction of what I’ve unearthed from God’s Word during my sermon preparation. There are often lines of application I don’t have time to explore or principles I don’t have time to develop. All good material for a blog! In addition, a blog is a good place to post excerpts, handouts or extra reading for those who want to follow up what they’ve heard on a Sunday.

3. It is a helpful way to highlight good resources

I often come across really helpful Christian resources or books that I'd love to point others in the directon of. A blog is a good way to review these and highlight them for Woodgreeners.

4.  It is a succinct way to provoke biblically thinking

Preaching and the odd pastoral visit don't make mature disciples. The apostle Paul said we mature and grow as believers as we refuse to conform to the pattern of this world and are ‘transformed by the renewing of our minds.’ (Romans 12:2). We have a responsiblity as individual Christians to train ourselves to think (and behave) in God-centred ways. A blog can be a helpful way of 'priming that pump'. How should we respond to world events? How should we asnwer the questions they raise in the minds of our non-Christian friends? How should we deal with certain issues or ‘hot potatoes’? A blog is a succinct way to poke, prod and provoke biblical thinking.

5. It is yet another way to grow disciples

Ultimately, Christian maturity is the goal for all of us. The ultimate aim of this blog is summarised in the strap-line above: ‘equipping disciples at Woodgreen to think biblically, live missionally and love God passionately.’ We have a long way to go to fulfil that as a church and as individual Christians - me included.  I believe a blog like this could be helpful for those os us who recognise that we need to grow in these three areas.

Having said all of that blogging needs some clearly defined guidelines.

The 3 guiding principles of this blog:

1. This will not primarily be a personal blog

You won’t find lots of family news or personal stories here. I have strong personal principles about not invading my children’s privacy or embarrassing them in public by using them as sermon fodder, and I don’t intend to break that rule here. So sorry - this will be a strictly holiday-snap-free zone!

2. This will primarily be for the Woodgreen Church Community

If you’re logging on from outer-Mongolia – that’s great! But you’re not the primary audience I'll be blogging for. My calling is to Pastor God’s community at Woodgreen, so that’s what this is all about.

So this blog will include:
  • Further thoughts or illustrations to reinforce or explore sermon topics.
  • Links to articles or talks or books that explore issues that feed into our vision at Woodgreen.
  • Reflections on news events to help stimulate a Christian worldview.
  • The rationale behind why we do what we do.
  • Ministry ideas I’m thinking about or kites that it might be helpful to fly.
  • Celebrations of great things that happen in the life of the church.

3. This will not become a burden, distraction or diversion

I hope you can see that my reason for starting to blog has good pastoral motives. As a Pastor I am called to: 
‘prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ might be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fulness of Christ.’ (Eph 4:12-13).
I believe this is a tool that can be used to that end. If it stops becoming effective for that end, it will end.

So… why not join me on the blogging bandwagon?

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Until next time...