Sunday, 1 January 2012

Day 8: A New Year Resolution: Read the Bible More

Happy New year!

Looking for inspiration for a New Years resolution? Take a look at this new website, launched very recently by our friends at The Good Book Company: Open Up the Bible

Open Up the Bible is a new website deliberately focused on helping us all read the Bible more regularly: as individuals and as families. It’s packed full of really helpful videos, short articles and practical tips. What marks this ‘read the bible’ initiative out from all the others is that it doesn’t pile on the guilt, rather it is both realistic about the busyness of life and our own limitations.

  • Want some help with family devotions? Watch the short video interview with two parents who share how they do it.
  • Struggling with a teenager who doesn’t want to read the Bible? Read the short article by one younger person about how to inspire teenagers and not nag them!
  • Finding that your work crowds out time for God? Watch the video about how one guy manages to fit the Bible into his day.

There are links to lots of helpful resources to get you started and Explore Bible notes (highly recommended) are about to launch an ‘Explore App’ for phones.

You can even join the ‘Open Up the Bible’ Facebook community to engage with others who have a similar heart – and similar struggles – when it comes to reading the Bible.

Sounds like a News Years resolution worth keeping to me.