Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Trinity Mash-Mix

I'm starting a new Sunday morning sermon series this week entitled Truth for Life.
Over 8 Sunday mornings we're going to look at 8 core Christian doctrines that every Christian should believe and, as importantly, the relevance they have to our everyday lives. 
Paul told his protege Timothy to watch his life and doctrine closely because he knew the two were inseparably linked (1 Timothy 4:16). Likewise, he charged Titus to teach what was in accord with sound doctrine (Titus 2:1).
Paul clearly believed there was a body of truth that every Christian should believe and that should profoundly influence the way we live. What are these primary doctrines that we must never compromise on and that should shape the way we live our lives?
If you want to see what we'll be covering as part of this series there's a dedicated page on the church website that you can get to by clicking HERE. This will be updated regualrly with handouts to accopmany most sermons.
We're going to start this week by looking at the Trinity. Wow - has it been a mind-blowing week prepping - I feel like I've dipped my toe into an vast ocean that I haven't even begun to appreciate or fully understand.
And yet - at the same time - the doctrine of the Trinity is actually very simple. So simple in fact, that a even a child can understand it.
Which is why I'm going to be starting off on Sunday morning by playing a 1 minute video clip I put together this week to accompany a song on Colin Buchanan's new CD: God Rocks.
For the uninitiated, Colin Buchanan is a children's sing-song-writer. My family and I have been enjoying his new album - God Rocks - over the summer together. Colin is known for his ambitious approach to helping children understand Bible truths, but his 'Trinity Mash-Mix' has got to be one of his best.
He's taken part of a sermon by renowned theologian Carl Trueman (who unusually for a renowned theologian, is still alive!) and has mash-mixed it to produce a wonderful, simple, heart-warming explanation of the Trinity.
For a sneak preview of what is in store for us on Sunday - have a look below.
One things for sure... Woodgreen will never have seen anything like it before!

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