Friday, 30 December 2011

Day 6: The Humility of Jesus

‘I am the father of five children, three young boys (Zachariah Blaise, Calvin Martin, Gideon Joseph) and two girls (Ashley Marisa, Alexie Grace). While my girls like to go out for tea and shoe-shopping on our daddy-dates, their brothers prefer to have wrestling matches with me to practice their Ultimate Fighting moves. In our matches, I remain in authority as their father and possess far superior strength that could be used to completely crush them. But, because I love them, want to identify with them, and be with them, I humble myself and lay aside some of my rights and strengths; I get down on the ground and take a beating from my boys.

In a similar way, the teaching of Philippians and the repeated referrals to Jesus as a servant in Scripture (especially in Isaiah and the Gospels) denote the humility of Jesus to stoop to our level and dwell with us.’

(Mark Driscoll, Vintage Jesus)