Thursday, 18 August 2011

Some Great Family Resources

Don't panic - after my last post on 'Worshipping by Resting' do you really think I'd be blogging while on holiday? I wrote this before I went and scheduled it to be posted while I was away.

I thought I'd use the opportunity to direct you to some Christian resources for kids and parents that I have discovered over the last year and found really useful.

Children's Talks by Roger Carswell

Some of you will know that I spent a year out after university working with itinerant Evangelist Roger Carswell. Roger has recently posted  two of his best gospel children's talks on Youtube and they are great! It's just him in his study talking to the camera, but it's priceless stuff! This is why Roger is such a gifted communicator. The kids will love it (and so will you).



Parenting 001

Ever feel like you're getting it all wrong as a Christian parent? Then this article by Gospel Coalition Pastor Kevin DeYoung is a great tonic. Full of humour and honesty, it challenges the culture of 'perfect parenting' that many well-meaning books on Christian parenting have created. It's a great reminder of what parenting is really all about. Worth a read - not just for parents, but also for grandparents who so often seem to have selective memories when it comes to the challenges of parenting!